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UAB Finance property was established in 2009. Since 2010 our company provides complex and partial claims administration, personal property and real estate appraisal, realization of damaged property, audit and other services.

The goal of UAB Finance property is to provide high-quality and fast services.

Exclusive attention to the client, a professional team providing services throughout Lithuania – these are the elements that ensure the successful implementation of goals.

In cooperation with external companies and using internal resources, we constantly study the level of customer satisfaction. Based on the results, we implement a change policy that allows us to get even closer to the customer.

Since the beginning of our activity, we have paid special attention to the formation of a professional team – thanks to it, we have become one of the largest claims administration and property valuation companies in Lithuania.

We are happy to offer you quality services that meet your needs!


Private and business clients are provided with the services of an independent personal property and real estate damage expert

Claims administration

PLLC Finance property provides the following claims administration services:

  • Accident registration.
  • Inspection of damaged property. The inspection will be performed within the shortest possible time at the place indicated by the policyholder or the victim, a report on the inspection of the damaged property shall be drawn up, and the damage shall be photographed.
  • Incident investigation. A documentary analysis of the insurance case is performed, inquiries are sent to the competent authorities, manufacturers, representatives, and other relevant persons. Site inspection, investigation of the nature and compatibility of damage, cooperation with other insurers and the like. Inspection of the scene, investigation of the nature and compatibility of damage, cooperation with other insurers, etc. 
  • Calculation of the amount of loss and insurance benefit. We determine property value before accident using special programs (AUDATEX, SISTELA, etc.), the residual value of the property is calculated / determined
  • Payment of the decision on insurance benefits, non- payment or provision of its reduction.

Realization of damaged property 

According to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the amount of loss is usually assessed as the difference between the value of the property before and after the damage. For this reason, the realization of damaged property is usually the concern of the property owner.

PLLC “Finance property” performs:

  • Disposal of vehicle and other assets. In cooperation with the buyers of damaged vehicles (UAB “Eksporto vystymo grupė”, we will present the best purchase offer for your vehicle.
  • Sale of other damaged property (e.g., inventory, goods, etc.).

Property Valuation

Qualified and highly experienced appraisers of PLLC Finance property provide movable and real estate appraisal services promptly and at competitive prices, and, in cooperation with business partners, can also offer a business appraisal service. Our specialists work all over Lithuania. We provide valuation services to individuals and companies, including banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Real estate  – a plot of land and related objects that cannot be moved from one place to another without changing their purpose and substantially reducing their value, as well as property (movable objects) recognized as real estate by law. Examples of real estate include plots of land for various purposes, residential buildings and premises (apartments, houses), commercial buildings and premises, structures (engineering networks, fences, courtyards), fossil and specialized property, ships and aircraft, etc.

Movable property  – property  that can be transferred from one place to another without changing its purpose and without substantially reducing its value, unless otherwise provided by law. Examples of movable property include vehicles, process equipment, inventories, and so on. Our car experts, who have the qualification of an assessor, can use the programs certified by the Republic of Lithuania to determine not only the value of your vehicle, but also the amount of losses incurred due to the accident.

Movable and real estate property is valued for financial reporting, taxation, insurance, loss determination, mortgaging, transfer of ownership and other purposes. In other words, appraisal services may be important and necessary to you when buying, selling, donating, inheriting, renting, merging with other assets, or separating from a common property, when you pledge to obtain a loan, when you want to insure or declare it, financial accounting documents when you form the company’s share capital and in case of corporate bankruptcy.


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